Yes, Universalism. Next Question?


Our Universalist understanding and heritage is a primary source for “this place of community and hope like no other.” Our Universalist tradition asserts that we are one human family: one nature, one origin, one destiny. I would adjust that to say we participate in one family of being. There is much comfort in this inclusive message of belonging. […]

Mothering Our Traditions


This month’s theme is traditions. The guide suggests that our call is to “make tradition more than a memory” and “allow tradition to be a gift.” This Mother’s Day please join me in thinking about how we might embrace and “mother” tradition. Please share: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+

Yes, Life Is Like This!


Tradition and Trust. For many people who come to Unitarian Universalism, part of the journey has been about the business of throwing off tradition, i.e. throwing out “the rules and ritual that limit what we think and who we love.” Yet tradition can also be about accessing wisdom, depth and connection. It can be grown […]

Finding Forgiveness, Finding Joy

Lyndon Harris, a notable “Forgiveness coach” will help us explore: forgiveness as a tool for conflict transformation, what forgiveness is/is not, why forgiveness is the best thing we can do for ourselves, and the steps to forgiveness. Harris serves as Co-Director of Tigg’s Pond Retreat Center in Zirconia, NC, where he is developing a forgiveness […]

Earthy Hope

The problems all around us seem so big and our individual contributions seem so small, it’s difficult to find and hang on to the realistic hopes we need to live positively and well; to feel good about the commitments we make and to notice and value the joy we experience. Each of us carries our own version of a […]

Revelations in Abundance


Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalists of the mid 19th century were an important part of my liberal arts education. How exciting and freeing it was to learn that revelation is not sealed in a book, but revelations, moments of image and insights that give new understandings of the whole big picture are available to all of us in […]

New Faith(s) in Easter


Easter means more than just the Christian celebration of the resurrection. Our theme for April asks “What does it mean to be a people of revelation?” Revelation is the moment of new image or insight; “that part of the inner experience of a people that illuminates the rest of it.” Easter is rich with revelations for life, […]

A Monk in the Beehive


What if generosity, ethical conduct, patience, diligence, and meditation were so much a part of how we experienced the world that we thought of them as part of our senses? Skye Ann Taylor is a Buddhist monk and beekeeper. From her ongoing work with bees, she has come to understand what it would mean for these “practices” to […]

Resilient Inspiration


Wisdom comes with experience. And we learn from therapists and spiritual directors that one of the best ways to become more resilient is to call upon those times when we were wonderfully responsive and resilient. One of the suggestions in this month’s Soul Matters packet is to “take some time to revisit and honor a time when your […]

Resiliently Generous


That’s a good bumper sticker or mantra for right living. We experience life as generous as we are able to bounce back. We are resilient. This flexible strength is not just built on our own gumption but supported and affirmed and amplified in community; this community of faith. We are much more resilient together than we are alone. […]