Sandburg and His Love


Carl Sandburg sustained a little-known, inspirational love for better than fifty years over a changing career. Come hear about this secret Sandburg in story, music, and his own words. John Akers teaches at Wofford College, is a member of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Spartanburg, and has shared his unique program on Sandburg in Galesburg, […]

Apostles of Religious Freedom


Our Fourth UU principle reads, “We covenant to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” We may not know how radical and revolutionary this principle is, yet it is a guiding principle that is deeply rooted in both the Universalist and Unitarian traditions. We will explore this tradition and how […]

The Fish On the Camel


The Sufi poet Hafiz says, “First, The fish needs to say, ‘Something ain’t right about this Camel ride – And I’m Feeling so damn Thirsty.’” What are you thirsty for, and what makes you bone-dry parched? Together, let’s deliberate about our thirsts (whether that thirst is for justice, or for another “fix” for an addicted […]

Who Among Us Sees the Elephant?


As we enter into yet another political season in our highly partisan world, what gifts might we as people of faith, as Unitarian Universalists, offer? Join me in exploring how our unique faith community might offer us the tools for navigating this season, and even for leading others to engage rather than “dispute loud and […]

The Utopia Fallacy

For all our commitment to critical thinking, Unitarian Universalists are vulnerable to utopian thinking – if only we do this, if only we espouse that, the world will be healed and our children’s children will be saved. Some say the purpose of utopian thinking is to keep us from plunging into despair. This morning’s sermon […]

Three Books That Can Change The World


Rev. Pat Jobe returns to the Hendersonville UU with a big box of books. He’s been away from Hendersonville for years and he’s read three books! He’ll have with him copies ofSmall Stories, Big Changes edited by Lyle Estill, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, andThe More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein. The first […]

Is There Reason to Hope?


Faith, hope and love often are linked together, but hope may be the one least discussed. Hope in many religious traditions relates to hope for what happens after death. But do we need to look at death in order to have hope? Is hope in this day-to-day world only wishful thinking? If we focus on […]

This I Believe


We are all doing our best to live our individual, connected, worthy, meaningful lives. As part of our ongoing effort to value the deep meaning making we do and are always doing, participants share something about “the core values that guide [their] daily lives”. They give examples of how they find their important values helpful. […]

Thanks, Dad

For helping me into this exciting opportunity/adventure we know as “life”. And yes, the real experience was mixed at times. Most often I say thanks with enthusiasm but there are memories where irony finds its way into my tone. Join us for Father’s Day as we celebrate fathers and each of our fathers in presence, […]