A Wondrous Time


If you can pause to think about it, that is what our lives should be, or maybe at least have a little of, everyday. Something beyond head down routine and survival. Where is the joy and wonder of being alive? Do I need to find it or make it or is it around me waiting […]

Science and Religion? I Wonder.


Wonder requires an attitude of curiosity and engagement with life. Once we begin to understand religion as a broad word of orientation to life and love rather than a box of exclusive beliefs, religion and science can be thought of as ways to orient and wonder about different things. In my life, they complement each […]

Do You Hear?


This Sunday marks the first Sunday of the Christian season of Advent, the time of preparation which leads up to Christmas. Advent is a season of anticipation and expectation. It carries with it a sense of tradition from the past and anticipation of the future, as well as the tension between living in the “already” […]

Graceful Living


Yes, life does flow – as distant a feeling as that may seem as we struggle to hold it together. Graceful living comes around again. And one way to experience a graceful moment is to pause and be thankful, give thanks and experience it. In this service a stone in a pot becomes a rich, […]

Good Vibrations: UU Faith in Song


Often, and at just the right time, the words we need to hear and the emotions we want to feel find us and reassure us; they reach to us in song and music. Whether you fancy yourself a singer or not, some moment will find and touch you. The morning’s messages emerge from the notes, […]

Grace Just Is

“Just is” is what should be. Justice should just be. Everywhere. We work for justice and then moments break through; something more than we expect happens gracefully, or easily. Amidst pleasant surprise. Maybe such moments of grace happen more often than we think.  Perhaps we “just” fail to notice. What if we shift from a […]


Graceworks could describe us if we were more comfortable with the word “grace.”  This congregation is one of those rare places where we encounter, notice and celebrate the grace and “giftedness of life.”  Graceful moments are those moments of right living we “[don’t necessarily] expect, earn, create of even deserve.” And yet still they come […]

Some Things Are Broken, But I’m OK.


There are so many voices, both outside of us and from within, telling us that the world is broken, that WE are broken. This topic addresses this pervasive negativity, with the understanding that we are in a time of change and that, in the messy middle of it all, we can be OK. Rev. Ritola […]

Our Stories of Renewal


Each moment of renewal is personal even if it involves renewal of the world. When have you felt the energy of renewal? The Soul Matters materials for October have a section called “Your Question.” Questions like: “There are those who say renewing the world is the best path to renewing oneself Are your attempts to […]

Fall Light; Taking Awareness By Surprise


That’s what happens in an “Ah-hah” moment. Conflict, struggle, disequilibrium and doubt become new insight and the wholeness of life, our individual life returns organized anew. We are renewed, however, not by pushing ever harder or by beating ourselves up more, but by creating the intentional pause, the break for “the master currents of the […]