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Latest UUFH News

Upcoming RE Classes and Youth Group Kick-Off

Our 6th – 8th Grade Class will be taught by Daniel Benavides. This Sunday they will begin “D’oh God!” a UU curriculum based on the religious teachings of the animated television show The Simpsons. Our 9th – 12th Grade Class will be taught by Stefanie Kompathoum. This Sunday they will begin Building Bridges – a world religions program […]

Green Moment from the Green Team

Living green takes practice and discipline that you and your family can develop step by step. Instead of discarding, look for opportunities to limit waste. Here are four words which might help you. RECYCLE Glass, plastics, metal cans, mixed paper, cardboard, computers, batteries, etc See the list of what can be recycled at Henderson County […]

Upcoming Events

Autumn Auction

October 4, 2014
6:00pm – Fellowship Hall: Silent Auction 7:00pm – Sanctuary: Live Auction

We need three things for our 2014 Autumn Auction to be another great success: • Lots of great services and items for sale. • A good group of buyers at the evening auction. • Lots of volunteers to help with all the details this event requires. (Contact Ron Partin to enlist.) Most immediately, we need […]